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TODAY, IT solutions are a necessity for a company’s survival. They provide various solutions and increase a company’s efficiency and effectiveness so that its operational costs can be kept at a minimum. There are many kinds of IT solutions offered by information technology (IT) experts and companies who specialize in providing IT solutions.

To increase the performance of companies or their departments, IT solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relations Management (CRM) and Information Management System (IMS).

The problem lies in finding the right IT solutions for one’s company. Of course, it is not an easy decision because the IT solutions selected can create extra costs due to any revamping of the organization required to suit the new solution system. First, a company needs to decide which department needs new IT solutions, and then whether they will fit the existing system or whether the entire old system will need to be revamped for cost efficiency and effectiveness. A company should also consider how much money would be saved by using the new IT solutions, since IT solutions do not come cheaply when compared to the conventional or existing system.

It is important to understand the benefit of the Translation Memory System for a company that creates technology or manufactures products for export. Although the products are locally recognized as high-tech items, they may not be regarded as such in other countries. This is due to a lack of information, resulting in potential buyers being uninformed about the products. Quite often, the information is only available in the language of the country of origin.

Obviously most manufacturers do provide information in the language of the destination country. However, manufacturing technology moves at a high speed and while new products or variants are being launched on the market, there seems to be less time to prepare comprehensive information for users. Translation of manuals, brochures and the like does not help much as technology is developing at a faster speed than ever.

Hence, it is clear that information is a vital tool in marketing or the success of any product on the market. To find solutions for information problems, IT experts specializing in Information Management System (IMS) have created the required programs or innovations. Thus, information can now flow at a high speed, from the first technical writer to multilingual information. This way, information is integrated with the product launch.

Translation Memory, which was created by IT experts about 15 years ago, is the right solution for the language or translation problems often faced by companies. Translation Memory is a database translation program for various variants, models of products and can be used as a reference for the future cycle of production.

Just look at the way car manufacturers provide information. Most of their information on various models is similar. They only update some features and technology. One can imagine how impractical it would be for a technical writer to repeat the same copywriting. It would be a waste of money, time and energy. Using the Translation Memory, the technical writer’s work becomes more efficient as he or she only needs to alter some parts of the write up. Some developers of this program claim that the cost saved is about 70 percent. It is indeed a huge saving for a company. Translation Memory is not a program that is entirely operated by a computer, because to date no computer program can deal with the logics and aesthetic of languages. So a human touch is still necessary. The translation result is then stored in the database for future reference. This way the translation is still accurate and consistent, because the original technical writer has control over all the material.

Almost all major companies in the world use this technology. This type of IT has proven to be a great money and time saver. Initially, such an investment may seem costly, but once you calculate the overall savings – money, time and energy – then it is indeed worth investing in. The system is not only useful for global companies, but for the internal use of domestic companies as well.

Unfortunately, not many companies in Indonesia have derived the benefits of this IT solution, because they have not set aside the required budget. They consider it unnecessary, while they should in fact realize that providing information accurately and quickly could boost their sales. (Dino Musida)

The Jakarta Post, March 17, 2009

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