Beware! Glaucoma is a major threat to your eyes!


THIS warning in an advertisement is really terrifying. It further said: Don’t let glaucoma blind you!

What kind of disease is glaucoma that many eye centers and hospitals are warning us about? WHO says it is the No 2 cause of blindness worldwide after cataracts. Glaucoma attacks the optical nerve and causes chronic and progressive deterioration. The disease is diagnosed by testing eye pressure. While blindness caused by cataracts is generally curable, this is not the case with glaucoma. “People who have glaucoma have to undergo lifetime treatment to avoid blindness,” said Dr. Iwan Subijantoro, SpM, of the Jakarta Eye Center (JEC).

The vision of people with glaucoma usually deteriorates over time due to disruption to the optic nerve as indicated by elevated eye pressure. Glaucoma attacks people 40 years old and over. The disease can be inherited from parents or grandparents.

Using steroids, such as certain eye drops, asthma inhalers and rheumatism or arthritis medicines, can make a person susceptible to the disease. Those with severe cases of myopia and hypermethropia, diabetes melitus, hypertension or migraine can also develop glaucoma.

Regular eye screening is recommended. “At JEC we have a special glaucoma center to prevent blindness where possible,” said Iwan. To ensure regular care, JEC offers memberships under which patients are given consultation reminders in line with the spirit of “prevention is better than cure”. (Dijan Subromo)

The Jakarta Post, March 25, 2009


  1. The condition is very rare and causes a rapid loss of vision if not treated immediately. Glaucoma is common in the general population. There is literature available and community resources such as support groups and the Lighthouse for the Blind.

  2. Diet and specific nutrient supplementation can both help prevent the onset of glaucoma as well as help preserve vision for those with glaucoma.

    There are number of peer review studies that show the importance of supplementing with a specific nutrients can help protect the optic nerve from damage including the following: alpha lipoid acid, bilberry, pine bark, gingko biloba, taurine, magnesium, vitamin B12,

    Other studies have shown that a healthy diet which included, for example, at least 1 serving of green leafy vegetables such as kale and collard greens, decreased the risk of getting glaucoma for women by 69 percent (Coleman AL, Stone KL, Kodjebacheva G, Yu F, Pedula KL, Ensrud KE, Cauley JA, Hochberg MC, Topouzis F, Badala F, Mangione C ; Study of Osteoporotic Fractures Research Group)

    Daily eye exercises also help maintain healthy vision. For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country’s leading behavioral optometrists, go to

    For more related research studies, see the “Research” section at Natural Eye Care for Glaucoma Prevention

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